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Exciting programs that explore inner space and outer space and everything in between at EMU - the Colorado Springs Children's Museum!

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It's Rock and Mineral Days at the museum!  Join us each Saturday in the month of August for a special show!  Come and learn about the beautiful world of rocks and minerals.

The show will be held at 11 am, each Saturday, during public hours.







Our live animal show is at 2pm every Saturday! Come and interact with our exotic birds, ball python snake, reptiles, endangered chinchillas, and more.







Expanding Minds Unlimited's Natural History and Children's Museum is open to the public every Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.  Come join us for an educational day of fun!  Explore the wild kingdom in our Africa room, learn about our history through the early settlers and native American exhibits, experience cultures from around the world, discover more about rocks, minerals, dinosaurs, the rain forest, space and more!  This is an experience you don't want to miss!

During the week we host many school field trips, educational classes and private events.  Anyone can book an event. Give your child a birthday to remember with one of our special themed parties!  Please contact Terrie Wieland at 760-917-0669 if you are interested in booking an event.



EMU Gift Shop is OPEN!


The EMU Gift Shop is OPEN during public hours!  When visiting the museum stop by our gift shop!  We have many unique gift ideas, from handmade cards, hand painted ceramic and glass items, beautifully designed jewelry and tapestry items, rocks and  minerals, and more!



More About the Museum!

Expanding Minds Unlimited's natural history, children's museum was founded by Terrie Wieland. As a young child Terrie always had an interest in science and nature.  She began collecting rocks throughout many family vacations. Over the years she developed quite a collection that expanded way beyond just rocks. In fact, she's collected enough items to fill a multi-room museum.  Her ability to work with children and her love for learning is a perfect fit for our center.  This self-funded project has been a life long mission for Terrie and now it's come to life!

With public hours on Saturdays everyone can enjoy a fun educational experience too!  You can interact and learn about our live animals and rescues, discover other parts of the world in our multi-cultural rooms, experience the rain forest, or read about our history through the Native American Indians and early settlers exhibits.  Join us for  fun activities in science, nature, art and more.  EMU has many things to keep our Colorado Springs community entertained!

Programs are available for all ages including children, people with special needs and seniors.

The museum is an education center devoted to expanding young minds and helping the Colorado Springs community through charitable efforts. We are also promoting awareness of conservation needs for our natural resources and we rescue exotic animals when the need arises.


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