EMU's mission is to educate children through fun, interactive, engaging programs that enhance their overall learning experience. Our goal is to share our vast array of experience, and resources to educate children, while supporting teachers with age-appropriate curriculum that is interactive and captivate young minds. We aim to support the Colorado Education Standards and offer support for teachers.


EMU  strives to provide a variety of programs and experiences for children, adults, seniors, and individuals with special needs.  We provide our clients with quality programs and well planned events.

Experience and Professionalism

Where it all began...

I love science! I have always been fascinated with exploring places around the world. Teaching young minds has also been my passion for over 25 years.  I find their love of learning and natural curiosity inspiring. Friends say I am like a traveling museum. With an educational back ground in Recreational Therapy and Early Childhood, I put my skills to use and created Expanding Minds Unlimited Traveling Museum.  

It is very exciting to travel and visit unique wonders and I am always drawn to them.  I have visited rain forests, giant sequoia groves, Indian dwellings, ghost towns, National Parks and active volcanoes.

I have worked with exotic animals, snorkeled in tropical waters, explored caves, gone white water rafting and enjoyed rock and mineral exploration.  Whether it is camping or hiking in the mountains, exploring the coastline or desert, I have done it all. There's nothing I enjoy more than promoting learning by inviting others to explore new adventures and to share my numerous exhibits, animals and artifacts.