EMU Educational Adventure Field Trips

ADVENTURE OPTIONS: Cost $6.00 per person for most programs.




Our Forest Friends: Bear, fox, bobcat, badger and more! Learn about forest animals in their natural environment with activities, live animals and museum quality displays.

Our program begins with a presentation based on your curriculum needs. The program focus can be on animals as pets, endangered animals and conservation, animal environments, animal characteristics and more. Your students may have an opportunity to interact with our Ball Python snake, chinchillas, tarantula, gecko, Fire Belly toads, Hermit crabs, or tropical birds . We have several endangered animals in our collection and their care and importance is a great topic.

Students will also have an opportunity to view our taxidermy animal displays. They will be introduced to the art of taxidermy and the concept of alive verses not alive. Students will be provided with items from animals to touch and feel, such as animal pelts, tails, bones, antlers, shells, horns, feathers and more. Hands on activities and crafts are provided.


Another program possibility is to focus on animals signs. How do we know an animal has been here? Do we see animal tracks or scat? How do we identify what type of animal it is? Is it a predator or prey animal? These questions and more may be discussed. Students may cast an animal footprint or do one of our many great projects. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity for your students to  learn why animals are so important.




Explore ocean life! Take a close look at life in the ocean and its' importance to mankind. Join us for an under the sea adventure!

This program helps students to understand and value sea life and the unique ocean environment. Students will explore life in the ocean with shells, exhibits like a shark jaw and a porcupine puffer blowfish, stories and live Hermit crabs.

This program begins with a presentation about the ocean and ocean animals. The focus can be broad or we can look at a particular type of, or group of sea animals. Conservation and safety of our oceans, ocean waves, currents and tides, polar oceans and oceans of the world, ocean habitats, Earth's water cycle, the underwater food chain, salt water verses fresh water, sand and shoreline, coral reefs, animal adaptations in the sea, and the ocean floor are all possible program topics which may be covered.

We will customize the program to meet your curriculum needs. There will be a wide variety of activities provided including our many museum displays, art projects, games, science activities, dramatic play opportunities, and more.

This is a very hands on activities program. The students will have an opportunity to make their own shell collection to take home. 

Let's work together to provide an educational and fun experience for your students!




Travel deep into the jungle with us! Learn about the animals that live there and their natural habitat. Why are rain forests important and what is happening to them?

These and many other questions will be answered in this informative fun program. Students will enjoy a presentation and then will be invited to participate in numerous hands on activities.

Students will learn about the numerous plants and different foods that come from the rain forest and they may make their own rain forest trail mix. They will view museum specimens and displays and they will be invited to interact with live animals from the rain forest. A rain forest dramatic play area may be available and students will have an opportunity to do various art projects and science activities.

A strong focus of this program is conservation and respect for animals. We will talk about endangered animals and students will learn first hand about them by interacting with our endangered pet animals. Students will learn about conservation and recycling. A recycling project is an option available.

We are happy to customize this program in order to meet your curriculum goals and teaching standards. Call us today to plan your meaningful, educational and fun field trip experience today!




Let's go on safari! Travel deep into Africa on a great adventure !
This program focuses on parts of Africa, the people, culture, music, animals, environment and landscape. Each program begins with a presentation and general overview about Africa.

Students will have an opportunity to view numerous cultural items and artifacts, museum displays, animal hides, African art, traditional dress and they will hear African music.

They will be immersed in African culture and will be presented with different activities and art experiences.

Animals and conservation are an important part of this program. Student's will learn about Africa's endangered animals and what they can do to help. Students will also be invited to interact with our African Bumble Bee Ball Python snake,our Tarantula and our African Grey Parrot.

It is not possible to cover everything about Africa in one program.  Our focus is to help students understand that Africa consists of many countries, it is diverse and has many different regions, habitats and cultures. We aim to promote multicultural awareness and good will towards others in this program.

 We will customize this program to meet your needs. We take pride in working closely with our teachers to ensure a quality experience for children. Let us know what your curriculum goals and objectives are. Let's go on Safari together!



  Rock and Mineral Exploration: Hands-on experiments and exploration of various types of rocks, minerals, fossils and dinosaurs.  

This program begins with a presentation which helps students understand why rocks and minerals are important.  Students will view numerous specimens. They will learn what they are and how we use them in everyday life. 

Students will participate in a variety of hands on activities. They will have an opportunity to find, sort and identify different fossils. They will view a variety of fossils display, including a dinosaur egg, dinosaur footprints a Megladon tooth and more. Students may explore how rocks form and what our planet consists of, by building and exploding a volcano.

An opportunity to handle numerous rock and mineral specimens including, geodes, petrified wood and metorites will be available. Students will explore and identify different qualities and characteristics of rocks and minerals through a variety of experiments, such as weight, hardness, size, and magnetism. Visual aids, charts, and books will be available. A variety of dinosaur activities are also provided.

Other possible subjects for discussion are tectonic plates, earthquakes, the rock cycle, erosion and the effects of weather on rocks. Students will have an opportunity to build their own collection box and to make their own rock and mineral collection. Specimens will be provided.



  Join us for a close look at our rich Native American Indian History through stories, artifacts, traditional dress, foods, art, music and more!

We will  begin with an informative presentation and then students will be involved in many hands on activities. The program is versatile and the focus can be adjusted to meet your education standards and curriculum needs. 

The current prominent Colorado Native Americans are the Navajo in the southwest corner of Colorado, The Ute from the Pikes Peak area and most of Colorado, and the Cheyenne-Arapaho on the Colorado plains. This can be the focus, or many other subjects like Native American's and the early settlers,  Native American tribes that played a part in Colorado History, the Santa Fe Trail, the Trail of Tears, the Sand Creek massacre, Life in Colorado forts and the Civil War.

Whatever the program content is, our goal will be student understanding of Native American history as well as familiarity with Native American life in current times. Daily life may be explored in our  dramatic play area with pioneer and Native American Indian traditional dress, a tepee, animals hides, baskets, and tools.

Students will also explore forms of communication like Indian symbols, smoke signals and language. They will explore Native American art with projects like bead stringing, making dream catchers, weaving, sand painting or other forms of art. The  importance of plants and animals to Native American Indians will be discussed and  students may also have an opportunity to interact hands on with some of our live animals.



  Visit with exotic live birds from the tropics! Learn about these feathered creatures and their natural environment through a variety of activities.

 We begin with a presentation about birds. The focus will be on the many types of birds around the world and their special characteristics. Pet birds and how to care for them will also be discussed, as well as the local birds here in Colorado. Students will have an opportunity to interact with live birds and to view many museum displays, such as taxidermy birds, nests, feathers, eggs, a bird skeleton, and more.

Students may examine and dissect owl pellets, decorate a bird house, make a bird feeder, do a variety of bird art projects, do puzzles, play a Jingo bird game, use their imagination with bird puppets, view a variety of cards, charts, and books about birds, and hear bird sounds.

Here at E.M.U. we are happy to customize this program for you. Do you need an in depth look at birds from a certain area? Do you prefer the focus to be on owls? Let us know your needs and we will put together a great quality program for your students.



  This is a fun, interactive program experience and is geared for our younger students.

The program begins with a presentation and an introduction about space. From planets, the sun, stars, and astronauts to N.A.S.A., children will have an opportunity to explore space. 

Students may participate in building their own space ship, do a fun project to explore the phases of the moon, take a close look at stars, or focus on the solar system. They will be encouraged to participate in dramatic play with costumes and other space props. They will have an opportunity to taste actual space food and will go on an exciting imaginary space adventure. They will make make a moon scape with Kinetic Sand and play with space action figures. Students will view actual meteorites.

Other areas of study can be the space shuttle, rockets, astronauts or we will customize this program to meet your curriculum goals and objectives. Join us for an out of this world adventure!



  Take a multicultural journey with us! Students will explore the world from China, to Australia, Mexico, Africa and more.

 There are several options to choose from when requesting this program.

For younger children, we take them flying on an imaginary magic carpet ride with their own magic carpet and a magic potion. Each program, we land in a different country and experience music, culture, animals, traditional dress, foods, art, language, games and more. Different countries will be explored through various learning centers set up for students to navigate.This is a great program for summer camp or an after school enrichment class. 

To provide a multicultural field trip option for older students, we focus on one country per field trip. We start with a presentation and then students will be involved with hands on activities including, multicultural art, museum exhibits, artifacts, music, games, animals,  traditonal dress, food, and other activities. 

Whatever your student's age, this is a wonderful look at places around the world and is a great multicultural experience. Hands on experiences reinforce the lessons and help to encourage tolerance and good will towards others. 



 This fun creative and educational program is meant for children to explore and to create.

The program begins with a presentation about different artists and what makes them special.

Students will view samples of art from these different artists and will become aware of their different artistic styles. An emphasis will be on each individual being unique and different and that no type of art is wrong or right, it is an expression of themselves. Students will be able to get a feel for what type of art they relate to and like best.

Following the presentation, students will have an opportunity to create! This may be done in groups or individually. A variety of art supplies will be available. This program may be customized to meet your needs. We want each student to feel important and to know that their art is special.

This is a wonderful program for an after school enrichment program.  Each week a different artist will be the focus and students will be encourage to explore that artists style of art.



 This program focuses on fire in the forest and fire safety. We take a close look at the real life story of Smokey the Bear.

 Students become familiar with why Smokey the Bear is a major symbol for fire safety. They will hear his story and view actual pictures of the real Smokey the Bear, when he was found and as he grew up. Students are always amazed and impacted by his story. Smokey the bear and fire safety activities will be provided and a close look at forest fire safety will be discussed. 

Students will have an opportunity to view actual fire fighting tools and equipment and to view or try on actual fire fighting gear. This program and activities will be adjusted based on the age level of your students. An art project will be provided as well as dramatic play and other age appropriate activities .

Another area of focus will be a close look at bears. Students will be able to view bear taxidermy, claws, and a skull. Types of bears, bear habitat, diet, hibernation and bear safety will be discussed. Bear activities will be provided. Join us for a BEARY interesting, educational and fun adventure!



This is a fun, creative program which allows students to express themselves through dramatic play, speech, art, and imagination. This program is great for summer camp or an ongoing  after school enrichment program.

Students will work together to pick a story or create one. This story is then acted out by the students through the use of puppets or by putting on a play. Students are encouraged to design and create their own props and to help make the costumes. When students are ready, family members and friends are invited to come and the students put on a performance for them.  Students also create invitations and work on refreshments for their special show.

This program is also available as a traveling field trip for younger students.  The focus will be on a particular story and activities pertaining to that story will be provided. Students will also be encouraged to create their own story and make their own story book or puppet. Puppet play will be provided.  Come imagine,explore and create with us!