Wild Wilderness

Wild Wilderness

Let's go on safari! Travel deep into Africa and on a great adventure with activities and museum quality displays.

Valuable Lessons Include:
• Appreciation of natural resources • Respect for wildlife
• Conservation awareness
• Cultural awareness
• Science
• Social Studies
• Music, Art, and much more!


This program focuses on parts of Africa, the people, culture, animals, environment and landscape. Each program begins with a presentation and general overview about Africa.

Students will have an opportunity to view numerous cultural items and artifacts, museum displays, animal hides, African art, traditional dress and they will hear African music.

They will be immersed in the culture and will be presented with many different activities and art experiences.

An important part of this program is about the animals in Africa and conservation. Student's will learn about Africa's endangered animals and what they can do to help. Students will also be invited to interact with the many animals in our learning center. Some of these animals come from Africa like our African Grey Parrot “Magnum”.

Let us know what your curriculum goals are and we will be happy to customize this program to meet your students needs. We take pride in working closely with our teacher to ensure a quality experience for children!