Under The Sea

Under The Sea

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Explore ocean life! View exotic shells & hermit crabs, create your own shell collection, enjoy art and much more.

Valuable Lessons Include:
• Appreciation of natural resources • Respect for wildlife
• Conservation awareness
• Cultural awareness
• Science
• Social Studies
• Music, Art, and much more!

Join us for an under the sea adventure! Take a close look at life in the ocean and its' importance to mankind.

This program helps students to understand and value sea life and the unique ocean environment. Students will explore life in the ocean with shells, exhibits like a shark jaw and a porcupine puffer blowfish, stories and live Hermit crabs.

The program begins with a presentation about the ocean and ocean animals. The focus can be broad or focused in on a particular type of, or group of sea animals. Conservation and safety of our oceans, ocean waves, currents and tides, polar oceans and oceans of the world, ocean habitats, Earth's water cycle, the underwater food chain, salt water verses fresh water, sand and shoreline, coral reefs, animal adaptations in the sea, and the ocean floor are all possible program topics which can be covered.

We will customize the program to meet your curriculum needs. There will be a wide variety of activities provided including our many museum displays, art projects, games, science activities, dramatic play opportunities, and more.

This is a very hands on activities program. The students will also have an opportunity to make their own shell collection to take home. Let's work together to provide an educational and fun experience for your students!

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