Our Forest Friends

Our Forest Friends


Our Forest Friends: Bear, fox, bobcat, badger and more! Learn about forest animals in their natural environment with activities and museum quality displays.

Valuable Lessons Include:
• Appreciation of natural resources • Respect for wildlife
• Conservation awareness
• Cultural awareness
• Science
• Social Studies
• Music, Art, and much more!

This is a very versatile program which we do in a variety of different ways to meet your curriculum goals. We can focus on a particular animal group or animal type or a variety of other programs.

Typically our program begin with a presentation. The first thing we do is explore the animals in our learning center. We have a broad variety of animals including live and taxidermy animals. We introduce the topic of taxidermy and talk about the concept of alive verses not alive. We discuss how taxidermy animals cannot eat, drink or grow feathers or fur. We discuss our personal safety around the live animals and the safety of the taxidermy and live animals.

The direction of the program will then be determined by your curriculum needs. The program focus can be on animals as pets, or animals in general. We will teach about their needs, their environment, and the many different types and characteristics. The students will have an opportunity to see many displays and to interact hands on with our center animals, such as our Ball Python snake, chinchillas, hermit crabs, birds and more. The program focus can be on endangered animals and conservation.

We have several endangered animals in our collection and their care and importance is a great topic. Another program possibility is to focus on animals signs. How do we know an animal has been here? Do we see animal tracks or scat? How do we identify what type of animal it is?

These questions and more may be discussed. Part of this focus will be an activity where the students will cast their own animal footprint. Another great focus is animals in the forest, their safety, our safety and keeping the forest safe. With this emphasis we focus on fire in the forest and fire safety. We take a close look at the real life story of Smokey the Bear.

The students become familiar with why Smokey the Bear is a major symbol for fire safety. They will view actual pictures of the real Smokey the Bear when he was found and as he grew up. Students are always amazed and impacted by his story. Smokey the bear and fire safety activities will be provided and a close look at forest fire safety will be discussed. Students will have an opportunity to view fire fighting tools and equipment and to view or try on actual fire fighting gear. Whatever focus you choose, the students will always have the opportunity to interact with our live animals.

They will be provided with many items from animals to touch and feel, such as animal pelts, tails, bones, antlers, shells, horns, feathers and more, and there will be a variety of hands on activities also provided.

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity for your students to study and learn respect for all the animals of the world and why they are so important.