NEW Colorado Springs Children’s Museum PROMO 2017 Video

NEW Colorado Springs Children’s Museum PROMO 2017 Video

NEW Colorado Springs Children's Museum PROMO 2017 Video

Blast off to adventure!

EMU provides a safe and exciting experience for kids and adults alike. We tailor experiences to those who attend, so each child or adult has the best experience possible.
We provide interaction with "live", easy to handle animals. And our museum quality nature and science displays enhance learning.

Lead educator Teresa Wieland provides a fun & informative experience for everyone exploring and utilizing EMU's many exciting options.
From sessions petting and interacting with our parrots, furry friends and slithery creatures, to activities in art and creation, kids will be thoroughly engrossed.

It was Teresa's dream for the last 25 years to create a larger children's museum in Colorado Springs, & NOW, this dream is a reality.
Eery childhood education has now become only a PART of the goal, with programs, classes and focuses being offered to adults & children with special needs too.

The opportunity to affect positive change in our community by offering a wealth of educational resources that schools do not have on hand is very exciting.

And so... NOW the opening of the Colorado Springs Children's Museum and Natural History Museum are our most recent steps toward a larger and more impressive museum complex serving Colorado Springs.

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