Native American Exploration

Native American Exploration

Join us for a close look at our rich Native American Indian History through stories, artifacts, traditional dress, foods, art, music and more!

This program begins with an informative presentation and then students will be involved in many hands on activities. The program is versatile and the focus can be adjusted to meet your educational standards and curriculum needs.

The current prominent Colorado Native Americans are the Navajo in the southwest corner of Colorado, The Ute from the Pikes Peak area and most of Colorado, and the Cheyenne-Arapaho on the Colorado plains. This can be the focus or many other subjects like Native American's and the early settlers, other Native American tribes that played a part in Colorado History, the Santa Fe Trail, the Trail of Tears, the Sand Creek massacre, Life in Colorado forts and the Civil War, the importance of plants and animals to Native American's can also be part of this program.

Whatever the program content is, our goal will be student understanding of Native American history as well as familiarity with Native American life in current times. Students will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in this rich culture through our many activities as well as daily life in our Native American Indian dramatic play area with pioneer and Native American Indian traditional dress, a tepee, animals hides, baskets, stone tools and more.

Students will also explore forms of communication like Indian symbols, smoke signals and language. They will explore Native American art with projects like bead stringing, making dream catchers, weaving, sand painting or other forms of art. Animals will also be an important part of this program as we study their importance and the children have an opportunity to interact hands on with our animals that live here at our learning center.

We encourage you to work with us to create the most informative, fun and meaningful experience for your students.