A Space Adventure

Valuable Lessons Include:

• Appreciation of natural resources • Respect for wildlife
• Conservation awareness
• Cultural awareness
• Science
• Social Studies
• Music, Art, and much more!
“We promote support for teachers and the Colorado Academic Standards.”

IMG_20111002_160857A Space Adventure

Programs include museum quality displays, hands-on learning experiences, science, exploration and experiments, live animals, literacy, social studies, art, music, and more!

This is a fun, interactive program experience and is geared for our younger students.

The program begins with a presentation and an introduction to space. From planets, the sun, stars, and astronauts to N.A.S.A., children will have an opportunity to explore space. They may participate in building their own space ship or doing a variety of other space art and craft projects.

They will be encouraged to participate in dramatic play with costumes and other space props.

They will take a trip on an exciting imaginary space adventure and will view actual meteorites. They will have an opportunity to view the sky through a telescope and to do other science activities. We will customize this program to cover what you need to meet your curriculum goals and expectations or for older students.