A Magic Carpet Ride

A Magic Carpet Ride

This is a wonderful, fun journey and is great for an ongoing or once a month type program

Valuable Lessons Include:
• Appreciation of natural resources • Respect for wildlife
• Conservation awareness
• Cultural awareness
• Science
• Social Studies
• Music, Art, and much more!

Students will explore the world from China, to Australia, Mexico, Africa and more.

This program can also be done as a one time field trip. Different countries will be explored through various learning centers set up for students to navigate.

For younger children, we take them on an imaginary magic carpet ride with their own magic carpet and a magic potion to pretend we are flying. They will land in different countries and experience music, culture, animals, traditional dress, foods, art, language, games and more.

The EMU, Colorado Springs Children's Museum also has a variety of live and taxidermy animals from around the world for the children to view or interact with.

After the presentation or dramatic play experience, students will have an opportunity to be involved in hands on activities including multicultural art. Whether your students are young or older this is a wonderful look at places around the world and a great multicultural experience.

Hands on experiences reinforce the lesson and help to encourage tolerance and good will towards others.

Is there something you would like us to focus on? We are happy to customize this program for you. We would love to communicate with you and to create a wonderful, educational, and fun field trip for your students!