Colorado Springs Events 2018


WELCOME to the Colorado Springs Children's Museum by EMU!



2018 PROMOS and Colorado Springs Events 2018 at the Colorado Springs Children's Museum by EMU


PROMO 1: Kid's Camps - Summer and Holiday Schedule

Summer camps at the Colorado Springs Children's Museum are going to be bigger and better then ever in 2018!

We are offering our kid's camps: the week of Spring Break, (4) week long camps over the summer, and holiday camps at Thanksgiving and Christmas time when schools end.

Camps are generally from 9am - 12pm, 5 days a week.
Fees are an easy $125.00 per child, ages 5 and up through 6th grade.

Camps are comprehensive and all-inclusive. What this means is kids will be exposed to many different options each day, from art projects - of course - to science and nature projects and instruction, music and dramatic play, cooking, space and technology, handling our live animals, and more!

PROMO 2: The EMU Monthly Market and Summer Farmer's Market

EMU Markets begin the 3rd Saturday of each month starting February 17, 2018!

Market's will include a variety of vendors and small businesses with various craft items, food, and local promotions on site and INSIDE at the children's museum. Come explore an buy quality products from local businesses and help support out community and the vision of the children's and natural history museum by EMU!

As an added bonus for attending Colorado Springs events in 2018 at EMU: The Children's Museum is FREE to the public during the Saturday markets on the 3rd of each month! Bring the family, have fun, and take some time to participate as the market's grow with more vendors each month, new museum displays and things for the kids to get into.

Do you want to become a vendor at our markets? CLICK HERE for more information and to sign up.

PROMO 3: Confidence Karate on Saturdays

Kid Confidence Program: This program is about children discovering that they are a superhero and that they have “super powers”.

This course will get them to understand how to use their voice, body language and eye contact to deal with tough situations, without the need to be aggressive. It will also introduce students to the thrill of Martial Arts. They will be taught the basics of karate in a fun and safe setting and may make some new friends along the way.
This class will emphasize the basic development of the child’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. Children will develop self-confidence through the integration of physical education, self-defense and general martial arts concepts. They will also work on bully management techniques.

Another one of our focal points is the weekly child safety topic which will cover such areas as: Stranger Danger, How to Deal with Bullies, Who Am I? and The Buddy System
Students will receive a new Martial Arts uniform and a certificate of completion of the Kid Confidence Program from Confidence Karate and Kenpo Karate of Woodland Park.

These are just some of the rewards your child will receive:

• Healthy and challenging exercises
• Greater concentration leading to improved listening skills and behavior
• Positive reinforcement that encourages your kids’ self-confidence
• A chance to make new friends as your kids socialize with other great kids
• A fun fitness program that promotes a healthy lifestyle all year long

Call Thom today at 719-930-6365 with any questions or to make your appointment for our first class starting Saturday March 3 at 12:30 PM at The Colorado Springs Natural History and Children’s Museum

PROMO 5: Birthday Parties - Choose YOUR theme!