Who We Are

Located at 72860 S. Circle Dr, Suite 160, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Located at 72860 S. Circle Dr, Suite 160, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

With plans for massive expansion, Expanding Minds Unlimited has opened its ground floor Colorado Springs location at the convenient corner of Circle and Janitell, across from the Hotel Elegante. Our ground floor location offers amazing access ti ALL people, and lots of room for classes and events.

Expanding Minds Unlimited offers Educational Adventure Programs for pre-school, through elementary, and specialized programs to meet the needs of teens and adults, those with disabilities and seniors too. Our goal is to share our vast array of experience and education while supporting teachers with age-appropriate curriculum that are interactive and captivate young minds.

Our History


Founder and lead educator, Ms. Terrie Wieland, has been offering Educations Adventure Programs for children and is now  opening a center as a point of destination and one-stop-shop for teaching.


Ms. Terrie Wieland teams up with Mr. Daniel Riedel - owner of health company Body Solutions Rx - opened an interactive new educational center close too downtown Colorado Springs, CO.

2017 Calendar

Our first OPEN HOUSE was March 19, 2016. Classes began mid-March and new classes, events, and offerings will begin growing, as well as access for the general public.

Our Mission

The Educational Adventure Program mission is to educate children through fun, interactive, engaging programs that enhance children's overall learning experience. It is our goal to support the Colorado Education Standards and offer support for teachers. Additionally, it is out goal to grow into a large and full-access natural history and science museum and education cneter that not only cators to children, but offers dynamic programs for the general public, those with developmental disabilites and seniors.

Valuable lessons include:

  • Appreciation of natural resources
  • Conservation awareness
  • Respect for wildlife
  • Cultural awareness
  • Science experiences
  • Social Studies
  • Art and music
  • STEM programs to solve real world problems, and more!

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Company Professionals

  • Terrie Wieland

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  • Daniel Riedel

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We are centrally located in Colorado Springs near the Hotel Elegante! Close to parks, restaurants, cultural centers, and more.


We have decades of combined experience in numerous fields of endeavor. Add our relationships in the community and we have access to the very best for classes, camps, and field trips.


Inexpensive. Convenient. In Depth. Classes, camps, and field trips are a breeze at Expanding Minds Unlimited! We strive to be affordable and complete.


Terrie Wieland and Daniel Riedel, together with a host of professionals, offer decades of education and skills to make programs at Expanding Minds Unlimited unparalleled.